April 12
9:00 AM
Career growth and skill development
Elevating data literacy in small businesses
Karen Hsieh
Director of Tech & Data, ALPHA Camp
April 12
10:00 AM
Scale and complexity
Mastering real-time processing while effectively scaling data quality with Lambda or Kappa Architecture
Vipul Bharat Marlecha
Senior Big Data Software Engineer, Netflix
Sreyashi Das
Senior Data Engineer, Netflix
April 12
11:30 AM
Data-driven organizations
Beyond the cloud: the future of analytics in the hybrid era
Mehdi Ouazza
Developer advocate, MotherDuck
April 12
12:00 PM
Scale and complexity
Scaling support of Dagster OSS with LLM's and RAGs
Pedram Navid
Head of Data Engineering, Dagster Labs
April 12
12:30 PM
Data quality
Building great data teams - how culture leads to better data quality?
Augusto Rosa
VP Engineering, Infostrux Solutions Inc.
Shravan Deolalikar
Director of Engineering, Data Management, Infostrux Solutions Inc.
April 12
1:00 PM
Data quality
The data (error) generating process
Emily Riederer
Senior Manager of Analytics, Capital One
April 12
1:30 PM
Scale and complexity
Evolving data pipelines at scale
Marisa Smith
Developer Advocate, Tobiko data
April 12
2:00 PM
Data quality
Event tracking is the new superpower of product analysts
Eva Schreyer
Analytics Manager, NEUGELB Studios GmbH
April 12
2:30 PM
Career growth and skill development
Skills data professionals really need
Monica Kay Royal
Founder, nerdnourishment