MDS Fest is a virtual conference and a community-led celebration of ideas and perspectives on the modern data stack.

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MDS Fest 2.0

Our goal is simple: provide a platform for our data community members in the hopes that these talks inspire and bring us closer together.

50+ speakers

1000+ attendees

Our focus this year

1. Data-driven organizations

Leveraging data to optimize your product, marketing, finance, and operations is table stakes in today's world. Data teams help enable highly targeted marketing, personalization aligned to customer preferences, identification of product-market fit, and a reduction in the risk of investing in unsuccessful products. Speakers will showcase their marketing, product, and/or operational use cases and the data products you've built to solve them.

2. Scale and complexity

The modern data stack has matured, and we're now facing the issues that come from a surge in data volume and complexity: spaghetti DAGs, increasing number of dependencies, resourcing infrastructure maintenance, and rapidly growing costs of running infrastructure that often outpaces the value being delivered. The talks will demonstrate how they've deployed scalable solutions that resulted in cost and operational efficiencies to maintain positive ROI.

3. Data quality

Untrustworthy data wastes your data team's limited resources and creates risk for the business. Most data quality solutions focus on alerting data teams to quality issues after something has gone wrong, but proactively identifying issues before they even happen can help data teams move more quickly and drive more trust with stakeholders. The chosen talks will showcase how they've optimized data quality for business-critical pipelines.

4. Data discovery and literacy

"Self-serve analytics" and "data democratization" get a lot of attention across discussions of the modern data stack, but to be successful, these require data access and literacy across the organization. Speakers will showcase how they have improved data literacy and adoption of data products across their organization and highlight any best practices, strategies, or frameworks they’ve applied.

5. Career growth and skill development

With an ever-changing toolbox and skillset to learn, data professionals must remain at the top of their game to ride this wave, and advancing in your career as a data practitioner can feel as clear as mud. Speakers will share any skills, advice, strategies, or best practices to position for success in a data career path.